About us

About us

Now Customer Oriented Permanent Activities (C.O.P.A.); With Bogaz Cocugu Difference
Now Customer Oriented Permanent Activities (C.O.P.A.); With Bogaz Cocugu Difference
Yacht charter is not a new trend for us, but it is now COPA.

Customer-Oriented Standing Activities are an ongoing situation for Bogaz Cocugu.

So what is COPA?

The wishes and desires of our guests determine our starting point in our organizations. It is among our basic principles to welcome our guests and to ensure that they have a pleasant day by keeping them away from the stress of daily life.

The name of the institution that provides you with charter yacht and organization services is Bogaz Cocugu...

You follow COPA Bogaz Cocugu it will make a difference.

Because others tell you, "We are ready" for anything.
We, on the other hand, to you; We say "We are prepared" for everything.

So why us?
Why not...
Friendly service, high energy, superior service understanding, precise and clear information, more than 10 years of experience.

We take risks!
Yes, we take risks; Because we know that the way to take risks is to be "original"...
Yes, we are ambitious; Because we are proud of doing our job correctly with years of experience and experience...

It is the quality policy of our company to respond to the expectations of our guests above the standards in all of the services we provide and to increase our service quality day by day without sacrificing quality.

We have placed the essence of this page at the end, if not our last word;

We are humble enough to realize that we are no better than anyone else, and wise enough to realize that we are different from everyone else.