We have shared the hourly and daily yacht charter prices in Istanbul and the net fees we charge for menus and extra services.
Yacht charter prices start from 5,000 TL per hour and 35,000 TL per day. The minimum rental period is 2 hours.
When calculating yacht charter prices in Istanbul, if there is a customer demand on hourly and daily yacht charter fees, the total figure is taken into account by adding breakfast, cocktail or food menu and extra services. There is no obligation to rental yachts by taking menu service, those who wish can only rent a yacht and organize everything else themselves (food and beverage, live music, oriental, decoration, cake, photographer, laser show). There is no obstacle for those who want to bring their own special alcoholic beverages with them by getting a non-alcoholic menu service from our company.

If you want to use kitchen utensils such as plates, glasses, forks, knives and spoons of the yacht, which is rented by only taking yacht charter service and bringing food and beverage materials from outside, it will be necessary to hire a number of waiters who can manage the number of people participating in the organization. The waiters serve both during the tour and clean the yacht, kitchen and materials when the organization ends. The fee to be paid for 1 waiter is 1,500 TL.

The minimum yacht charter period of 2 hours can be updated to 4 hours on weekend evenings and special days such as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, when there is a high demand for reservations in Istanbul. Even if the charter yachts are on the move by making a Bosphorus tour during the organization, or even if they do not make a trip and stay fixed in a certain place, the hourly yacht charter fees are paid in the same way, and there is no discount on the prices. Daily yacht charter is organized on the Islands or the Bosphorus, and the start time is 09:00 in the morning and the end time is 17:00 in the evening. Since the evening tours start from 18:00, the rented yacht must be left at 17:00 at the latest.

Menu Prices

Menus can be changed according to customer requests.

Extra Service Prices

  • Table Decoration
    500 TL
  • Flower Arrangement
    1,500 TL
  • Cake
    1,500 TL
  • Rose Bouquet
    2,000 TL
  • Laser Show
    2,500 TL
  • Balloon Decoration
    4,000 TL
  • Photographer
    5,000 TL
  • Violinist
    5,000 TL
  • Oriental Show
    6,000 TL
  • Fasil Team
    9,000 TL
Individual and corporate organizations
Hourly yacht charter service is mostly given to birthday, breakfast, dinner, marriage proposal, bachelorette, wedding anniversary, wedding, iftar and graduation organizations, and daily yacht charter service is used to swim in the Islands and the Bosphorus. By making a reservation in advance, you can rent a yacht between the hours you want, day or night. Our yacht charter service is not only for the summer months, we continue to provide the same quality service in the winter months. Since yachts have closed areas and heating systems, you will not be affected by adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, hail and so on.

Prepare your own yacht charter package
In order to get a quick price quote through the system by entering your organization information, you will see the net fees you have to pay for all charter yachts in our fleet when you mark your number of people, tour duration, menu selection, beverage selection and extra service preferences from the price calculation tool at the top of the page. The prices you will see first on the main screen are for the standard Bosphorus tour organization for 2 people, which will last 2 hours, without a menu and no extra service is selected. You can get an instant quote on the site by marking these selections according to your wishes.

Send a deposit for the reservation
The first thing you need to do is send a deposit so that your reservation requests can be processed and the charter yacht you have chosen can be booked on your behalf between the days and hours you want. The amount we request as a deposit is half of the total fee you have to pay for the organization. We do not make a final reservation before the deposit payment arrives, we receive short-term temporary options. If the deposit is not received as soon as possible, we will evaluate the reservation requests from other customers. For this reason, it is useful to send a deposit payment as soon as possible. Otherwise, someone else may have booked the yacht you like for themselves. You can make the payment by hand or send it via bank. There is no possibility to pay by credit card!

You can call late
You can reach us from the landline and mobile phone numbers on the contact page until late hours as long as we are not asleep, and you can send your reservation requests by asking any questions you may have about charter yachts to the authorized persons. You can also send e-mails, but due to the intensity, we cannot check the e-mails frequently and cannot respond quickly. For this reason, you should know that you can communicate much more quickly by calling on the phone.