Marriage Proposal with Laser

Marriage Proposal with Laser
If you want to hear the answer "YES" to your marriage proposal in screams, the method is clear: "LASER SHOW ON THE BRIDGE".
Laser marriage proposal is the organization of laser writing the words to be said to the lover while proposing marriage with a laser from the yacht under the Bosphorus bridge. The laser show is held in the evening, as the weather must be completely darkened in order to clearly read the texts that we will reflect on the bridge with the laser.

How to Propose Marriage with Laser?

The organization of the laser marriage proposal is held in the Bosphorus and is planned over at least 2 hours. After a simple Bosphorus tour, a laser show can be started on the Bosphorus bridge, and our suggestion to you is to do it after a romantic dinner. While your favorite love songs are playing in the background, our team will call you to the front of the yacht on the pretext of taking photos after having dinner alone with your lover at the table romantically decorated with candles and dried rose petals. After asking you to pose by looking at the bridge and taking a few pose photos, we will start the laser marriage proposal. We will reflect the words of the marriage proposal that you have previously sent to our team to be written on the bridge on the Bosphorus bridge in the form of marquee, and when the text "Will You Marry Me" appears on the bridge, you will kneel and put the ring on your lover's finger, accompanied by erupting volcanoes. We will immortalize the most exciting and romantic moments of your life with video and photo recordings. Our team can take photos and videos free of charge with your mobile phones while you are having dinner and proposing with a laser, or we can call a professional photographer for an extra fee. There are also no obstacles for those who want to bring their own photographer with them, and you do not have to pay additional to our company for this.

How Much Are Laser Marriage Proposal Prices?

The most suitable laser marriage proposal price for a 2-hour yacht charter, a non-alcoholic dinner menu for 2 people, table decoration, rose bouquet, violinist and laser show is 18,000 TL. You can check the marriage proposal on the yacht page for all the information, photos and videos you need, especially the prices, about the marriage proposals with the laser on the Bosphorus. You also have the opportunity to prepare your own organization package by marking the services you want from the price calculation tool on the home page of our site.

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