Wedding on the Yacht


If the azure expanse of the sky and the vastness of the sea are to bear witness to your matrimonial union, it is our pleasure to present to you a wedding celebration aboard a luxurious yacht.
A wedding of your dreams
As the esteemed couple, envision a remarkable event amidst the enchanting panorama of the Bosphorus, immersed in the heart of that serene blue.

Bogaz Cocugu, which is among the pioneers of the yacht charter industry, excites us as much as you while preparing the wedding concept on the yacht.

Embarking on this new chapter of your lives with a yacht wedding
You will be greeted by a meticulously crafted experience tailored to your chosen theme. At Bogaz Cocugu, we are dedicated to providing unrivaled service as your guests begin to arrive. The Bosphorus, with its deep blue refreshing waters, will bear witness to this momentous occasion.

Whether you decide to exchange vows on the day of your wedding or contact our wedding officer, we are prepared to make your dream of a yacht wedding a reality.

Each year, we have the privilege of hosting numerous couples, and yacht weddings have not only become a contemporary trend but also a preferred choice due to their enduring appeal.

From the exquisite wedding cake to a captivating Laser show, our team of hosts and hostesses will warmly welcome your guests while our state-of-the-art sound system fills the air. Meticulously arranged table settings and breathtaking decorations both inside and outside the yacht will ensure an unforgettable and cherished celebration.

With years of experience, our committed, courteous, and professional staff at Bogaz Cocugu proudly leads the yacht wedding industry, offering exceptional service.

Because you deserve nothing less..
Because we possess the capability to surpass your expectations, we invite you to entrust us with the creation of your extraordinary wedding celebration.

Wedding Prices on the Yacht

Package Included
Table Decoration, Flower Arrangement, Balloon Decoration, Photographer, Oriental Show, Fasil Team,
Select the Extras You Request

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before the wedding entertainment on the yacht, you can get yacht rental and professional photographer service from our company for Bride and Groom shots, or you can just rent the yacht and bring your own photographer with you.
You can host a maximum of 36 people with dinner and cocktails in wedding organizations on the yacht without any problems. You should determine the number of invitations based on these figures.
Yes.. Those who want to have a wedding on the yacht can realize their wishes by calling a wedding officiant. The bride and groom must organize the officiant because our company is not involved in this matter.
You can request what kind of wedding cake you want by sending it to our company, or you can have it prepared in a patisserie of your choice and served to the staff on the yacht.
You can include the rich cocktail and food menus specially prepared by our master chefs for wedding invitations on the yacht, you can bring them from outside or you can work with the catering company you want.
You can request our company to decorate the interior and exterior of the yacht with balloons and tulle or in different concepts, or you can make wedding decorations as you wish.
The wedding price is 56,000 TL on the most suitable yacht for a 4-hour yacht charter, non-alcoholic food menu for 10 people, table decoration, flower arrangement, balloon decoration, fasil team, oriental show and photographer. We have shared in detail all the services we provide for brides and grooms on the yacht and their fees on the prices page, especially for wedding organizations. In addition, we recommend those who want to prepare their own wedding package on the yacht to use the price calculation tool at
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