Laser Writing on the Bosphorus Bridge

Laser Writing on the Bosphorus Bridge
We write what you want to say to your loved ones under the Bosphorus bridge with strong laser lights.
In order to clarify this issue, we would like to state that it is mandatory to get a yacht charter service because we reflect the laser text from the yacht to the Bosphorus bridge, since we often encounter the sentence "I don't want a yacht, I just want to write with a laser" with our phone calls. In other words, friends, we have to go by yacht because we do not have the opportunity to swim to the Bosphorus bridge and write with a laser:)

Laser Writing On Bridge From Anywhere In The World

You don't have to live in Istanbul or even Turkey to write on the Bosphorus bridge with a laser. Wherever you are in the world, you can transfer the fee of 5.000 TL to our bank account and write the words you want on the Bosphorus bridge without ever coming to the yacht. This fee is for organizations where remote video and photo images are requested before coming to the yacht. If you want to be on the yacht at the time of the laser show, you need to get a price quote from our company. Although we say that there is no word limit for the articles to be written with a laser on the Bosphorus bridge, of course, we cannot write long epic things. Your point in saying there is no word limit: people usually think that 1-2 words can be written. Provided that they are not very long sentences, we write your messages of one or two sentences on the hyperlink in high visibility quality, take videos and photos and send them to you via the Whatsapp application. We send the images before midnight. We do not limit the laser writing service on the Bosphorus bridge only to the summer months, but also continue to write in the winter months.

Birthday Celebration with Laser

You can give them the best birthday gift by printing the special words you want to say to your spouse, lover, mother, father, sibling or close friend on their birthdays with a laser under the Bosphorus bridge. Pamper your loved ones by celebrating their birthdays with a laser!

Marriage Proposal with Laser

You can keep the whole of Istanbul as a witness to your marriage proposal by reflecting the emotional love words you want to say at the time of marriage proposal to the woman you love on the Bosphorus bridge with powerful laser beams. Receiving a laser show marriage proposal, which is increasing in popularity every year, will excite every woman and will make your lover fly away with happiness.

Under the same conditions, you can get the service of printing your name on the bridge to make gestures to your loved ones without any special reason.

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