Bachelorette on the Yacht


Not every goodbye is so sad. Especially if this farewell is made on the yacht, this farewell will not be enough.
A choice that is both economical and will warm your heart warmly
The bachelorette concept on the yacht is offered as an unforgettable and different option for grooms and brides-to-be who want to say goodbye to their bachelorhood by shouting your favorite songs.

You can enjoy the night view of the Bosphorus turned into a visual show, accompanied by live music or your favorite music, for a girl or a boy, to experience the peak of entertainment.

Unlike many other venues, bachelorette parties on yachts will please all your guests as they are both economical and appealing to your eyes and hearts.

He costumes are from you, the fun is on us
For bride and groom candidates who want to go beyond traditional patterns. You can make your Bachelorette night more extraordinary with different concepts.

From the table designs to all the decorations inside and outside the yacht, with or without costumes, with or without the theme, with or without alcohol, with dance shows, everything is designed to make this special night different from other nights. Enjoy this unforgettable night of entertainment, leave the entertainment to us.

You enjoy the night
The Bosphorus standing in front of you is like a work of art, and you, as a part of that work of art, say goodbye to your bachelorette on the yacht. Who wouldn't party in this beautiful setting?

While you continue your entertainment, our professional waiting staff will continue to serve you. You will have unforgettable memories thanks to video and photo shoots, and you will have a different experience with your friends thanks to laser and volcano shows.

Bachelorette Prices on the Yacht

Package Included
Table Decoration, Laser Show, Balloon Decoration, Photographer, Oriental Show, Fasil Team,
Select the Extras You Request

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to organize a dancer on the yacht, you can do it yourself or you can request it from our company, but as a company, we can only support a female belly dancer for the bachelorette party.
You can get the decoration service from our company, or you have the opportunity to decorate the yacht as you wish, provided that it does not leave a permanent mark on the yacht and damage it.
There is no obstacle to bringing your food and drinks with you. However, if the kitchen equipment of the rented yacht is to be used, waiter service must also be obtained from our company and the figure to be paid for 1 waiter is 1,000 TL.
In case of demand, our experienced female waiters can serve the food and beverages on the yacht in the best way during the bachelorette organization.
The bachelorette price is 67,000 TL on the most suitable yacht to be paid for a 4-hour yacht charter, alcoholic food menu for 10 people, table decoration, balloon decoration, laser show, fasil team, oriental show and photographer. You can see all the services and fees we offer on the yacht for bachelorette organizations on the prices page, and if you want to prepare your bachelorette package on the yacht yourself quickly, you can easily use the price calculation tool at
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