Marriage Proposal on the Yacht

Marriage Proposal on the Yacht

No woman can say "no" when she receives a marriage proposal from the man she loves! Especially if this offer is made with a laser show from the yacht on the Bosphorus Bridge, when she least expects it, it will be an unforgettable surprise.
Proposal is an event that requires courage and consists of such pleasant moments.; It will make your job even easier with its presentations and activities that will encourage you and double your enjoyment.

No matter what time of the day or night it is... You just focus on the marriage proposal you will make to your loved one. For the rest of the organization, will not fail in its services and will work with all its strength to turn your excitement into a flood of enthusiasm with applications and activities that will make your "moments" immortal. Let's turn the marriage proposal into a fairy tale on a luxury yacht
Our professional team will always be with you with the organization of marriage proposals on the yacht, which has been planned and thought over many times for you and your loved one, and with an understanding of uninterrupted service.

Before the offer; Our expert staff will be a part of your pleasant moments by organizing every detail, from table arrangement to interior decorations, candles, music pieces to be played upon your request, confetti, laser fireworks.

With an organization that will be remembered for years and will be remembered for years, marriage proposal prices on a suitable yacht are now on

Marriage Proposal with Surprise Laser
In the laser show, which is one of our marriage proposal organization concepts; We write your love, your love, your loved one's name and your marriage proposal on the "Bosphorus Bridge". We witness your romantic moments as you write your loved one's "YES" answer and the words of love on the bridge with a laser, and we immortalize these unforgettable moments with video and photo shoots.

It is our job to turn your marriage proposal into a special moment that you will not forget for many years and that you will remember even after years...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team of professionals is involved in the moment of marriage proposal while writing the romantic words you want to say to your lover on the Bosphorus bridge with a laser show. Apart from this, if you want to wear a ring on your lover's finger during a simple Bosphorus tour or a dinner organization, you can propose marriage when you feel ready while dancing to love songs in the front of the yacht or in the back pool.
There are no restrictions in this regard. All you want is written in the form of a scrolling text from the yacht to the Bosphorus bridge until the marriage proposal takes place. Usually the laser show lasts 1-2 minutes.
We have fish or mixed grill options. The menus include 6 types of cold appetizers, 2 kinds of hot appetizers, fish or mixed grill as the main course, salad, seasonal fruits and drinks.
If requested, we cover the table in the back pool with black or red shiny fabric and decorate it with candles and rose petals in a simple but high quality way. If you wish, you can also make the decoration yourself.
Yes, you can listen to the songs you want on the yacht during the marriage proposal and during the whole organization. For this, you can bring usb or connect to the sound system via bluetooth.
Of course, we immortalize the indescribable marriage proposal moments for you, and we take photos and videos on the yacht both at the table and during the laser show at no extra cost.
The price of a marriage proposal on the most suitable yacht for a 2-hour yacht charter, a non-alcoholic meal menu for 2 people, table decoration, flower arrangement, rose bouquet, laser show, violinist and professional photographer is 20,000 TL. You can clearly see the fees of all the services we offer on the yacht specifically for marriage proposal organizations on the prices page, and if you want to prepare your own marriage proposal on the yacht much faster in line with your wishes, you can go to the page.
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