Breakfast on the Yacht

Breakfast on the Yacht

In the middle of a deep blue sky and a deep blue sea, you can't get enough of the pleasure of having breakfast on the yacht.
Good morning; How would you like your breakfast?
Breakfast on the yacht, which is among the breakfast options in the middle of the Bosphorus with its unique view, which those who know cannot give up and those who do not always want to do with curiosity, will take its place among your favorites.

Your table is ready with the taste of specially and carefully brewed tea, different, delicious and local and organic breakfast varieties suitable for your taste, on the sea, and in the morning wind and the unique view of the Bosphorus.

Depending on your request; You can choose one of our mixed breakfast or open buffet breakfast varieties and spend your day much better starting with breakfast.

Enjoying breakfast on the yacht in the middle of the Bosphorus with its taste and variety, appetizing and dazzling view, is among the most preferred organizations of the concept.

We turn your breakfast table into art
The best part of getting service; the opportunities offered to you; uninterrupted and perfect. The most important factor in choosing us is that we turn your breakfast table into art. Each table is a separate canvas for us.

On our Yacht, where you get professional waiter services, the breakfast tables are prepared carefully and specially for you, like unique priceless paintings. You can taste the pleasure of Breakfast on the Yacht any morning you wish, with our music specially selected for the breakfast tables and selected from the regional cheese, olive and olive oil varieties, and you can enjoy the unique beauty of the Bosphorus.

After breakfast, we invite you to Bogaz Cocugu to enjoy a cup of coffee accompanied by the Bosphorus view.

How about you; On which yacht would you take your breakfast?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we host individual and corporate organizations on the yacht in the best way with our breakfast menu with rich and high quality content. You can check the breakfast menu details on the menus page.
Guests can bring their own breakfast items with them, but in this case, if kitchen utensils are to be used on the charter yacht, waiter service must be obtained from our company. 1 waiter is 1.000 TL.
During breakfast, you will enjoy the view while taking a Bosphorus tour at a low cruising speed, and you will breathe the clean and appetizing air of the Bosphorus into your lungs on the yacht.
The most suitable breakfast price on the yacht for a 2-hour yacht charter and a rich breakfast menu for 2 people is 11.500 TL. The services and fees we offer on the yacht for breakfast organizations are listed on the prices page, but if you want to prepare your own breakfast package on the yacht more quickly, you can use the price calculation tool on the page.
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