Graduation on the Yacht

Graduation on the Yacht

It is now very easy to charter a yacht to save a good memory for the future... We are waiting for you at the graduation party on the yacht.
Whether primary school, secondary school, high school or university graduation; Bogaz Cocugu continues to be a reliable, honest and correct brand for every student who will hold a graduation ball on a yacht.

The value of man is above all else.
You will have a graduation party on the yacht, you will taste delicious food with your friends, teachers and parents, you will share happily on the last day of your graduation with the unique beauty of the Bosphorus, and you will say "hello" to your new life with our yacht organizations designed to highlight your comfort.

For graduation on the yacht, which has become a must for safety and peace; All kinds of precautions have been taken and you will be able to continue your entertainment in peace of mind.

Our imagination is wider than our borders
Whether the graduation celebration on your dream yacht is for 10 or 30 people, all of our yachts will be organized in the best way by a team of professional waiters.

You can choose whatever you want from the exclusive and special menu, order the graduation cake on board, and decorate your chartered yacht as you wish.

Depending on your request; Video and photo shoot, laser show, volcano show, graduation cake, you can choose music to be played if you wish, or you can enjoy the Bosphorus while dancing with a DJ.

We can choose from our alcoholic and non-alcoholic menus and turn your precious time into an unforgettable memory.

Bogaz Cocugu offers you a show that you have not experienced before, with affordable prices suitable for everyone and every pocket.

Come and save memories for the future by celebrating graduation on the yacht.

Experience the moment of capping in the sea.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Since we provide all kinds of facilities to students, we allow them to use their own food and drinks on the yacht during graduation prom and party tours. However, in this case, waiter service should be obtained from our company.
You can have the cake made and brought outside yourself, or you can order a graduation cake with the features you want to our company and serve it on the yacht.
Even though our students are older, we do not serve alcoholic beverages at graduation organizations on the yacht, and we do not allow them to bring their own alcohol to the yacht from outside!
The graduation price on the most suitable yacht for a 4-hour yacht charter, a non-alcoholic dinner menu for 10 people, a fasil crew, oriental and photographer is 42,000 TL. The fees of all the services we offer on the yacht for graduation organizations are listed on the prices page. If you want to quickly prepare a graduation package on the yacht by marking the organization details in line with your own requests, go to the page.
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