Iftar Dinner on the Yacht

Iftar on the Yacht

You are invited to enjoy Iftar on the yacht with your loved ones, not for luxury, not to show off, but to make a difference.
Not for luxury, but for difference. Not to make it one of the craziest things you will ever do in your life, but to realize once again the unique beauty of the Bosphorus flowing like poetry with its scenery. We would be honored to offer you the opportunity to have a fast-breaking fast on the yacht so that you can experience one of the rare beautiful feelings that you may have thought to experience in your life and that you could not experience.

Welcome Ramadan
While waiting to break your fasts in the month of Ramadan, which coincides with the hot summer months; A cool breeze, in the middle of a deep blue sea, while you are on a Bosphorus tour with your loved ones, our expert and competent waiters will help you to open your Iftar perfectly.

One of the best parts of breaking your fast is being with your family, friends and loved ones. Opening iftar with them, accompanied by the uniquely beautiful Bosphorus view; A new understanding and a new concept without moving away from our traditions and culture: Iftar on Yacht...

If you wish, you can only be on our yacht at the time of iftar for your individual or corporate iftar meals. Everything else is ours to handle.

We are a big family that hosts diversity in the same place and this family is waiting for you for iftar dinner on the yacht.

You are in Istanbul, the ancient city where people from 72 nationalities existed and will continue to exist. You are on the Bosphorus, the pearl of Istanbul…

And you are at the right place to have iftar on a yacht in the Bosphorus...

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Frequently Asked Questions

The start time for the iftar program depends on your preference, but if you do not want to wait for a long time on the yacht while fasting, it is enough to start the organization 30 minutes before the call to prayer.
The details of the rich iftar menu waiting for you on the yacht are as follows: Soup, Iftar plate (2 kinds of cheese, 2 kinds of olives, dates, picnic honey, jam, butter), Seasonal salad, Raw meatballs, 3 kinds of appetizers (special for the day), Kibbeh, Hazelnut lahmacun, Cigarette pastry, Main course (half portion adana, half portion of chicken, 1 steak, 1 ribeye), Dessert, Fruit and Unlimited drinks.
You can bring the food you prepared with you to break your fast on the yacht and break the fast, but in this case, the service of a waiter (1,000 TL) should be obtained for both service and cleaning at the end of the tour.
When a long-term rental is made, we can drop off those who want to perform the tarawih prayer after iftar in places close to the mosques on the Bosphorus, close to the beach. If desired, the iftar program can be continued on the yacht after the prayer.
The most suitable iftar price on the yacht for a 2-hour yacht charter and a rich iftar menu for 2 people is 13,000 TL. For iftar organizations, we share all the services and fees we offer on the yacht specifically for the month of Ramadan in detail with all visitors on the prices page. In addition, we invite those who want to prepare their own iftar package on the yacht much faster to use the price calculation tool on the yatkiralama.net/en page.
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