Writing a Name on a Bridge
Writing a Name on a Bridge
We provide summer/winter service throughout the year for a fee of 2,500 TL for those who want to write their name on the bridge in Istanbul.
Steps to be taken by those who want to put their name on the Bosphorus bridge:

- They should send the names they want to be written on the bridge via Whatsapp to the number 0532 353 53 54 without any errors,
- Transfer the service fee of 2,500 TL to our bank account.,
- They should send the payment receipt to our team via Whatsapp.

After the payment appears in our bank account, we will send you the video and photo recordings via Whatsapp by writing the names you want with strong laser beams on the Bosphorus bridge in the format you specify on the same day. We can't give you exact information about what time the shots will be sent to you, but we will probably be before midnight on the same day. A laser show will be held so that your names will appear on the Bosphorus bridge for 15-20 seconds.

2,500 TL is the equivalent of taking video and photo recordings of the names written on the bridge with a laser before coming to the yacht. Unfortunately, it is not possible to organize an organization in such a way that you can see it from the shore, since it is not clear at what time and on which bridge the articles will be written. If you want to come to the charter yacht and be there at the time of writing the name on the bridge, you need to get a new price quote from our company. In addition, this fee is the fee to be paid for writing a single article, we will charge different fees when more than one article is wanted to be printed at the same time. You should also know that you need to rent a yacht in any case, as we project the laser show from the yacht to the Bosphorus bridge.

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