Bosphorus Tour by Yacht

Bosphorus Tour on the Yacht

A spacious, safe and peaceful Bosphorus tour will be good for all of you without getting stuck in the traffic chaos of Istanbul.
Bosphorus tour organizations specially prepared for Istanbulites and our guests who come to Istanbul from other cities and other countries; It includes special concepts for each of our guests.

Long Bosphorus tour for those who want it, short Bosphorus tour for those who want it

The Bosphorus Tour, which will host its guests in two different versions, short and long, for our yachts that will depart from both the European and Anatolian sides; They will cruise along the entire coast at low speed so that you can travel safely and in peace.

If desired during the Bosphorus tour; You can organize birthdays, wedding anniversary, marriage proposal, birthday, engagement, graduation, wedding, chapter, iftar, business lunch, bachelorette celebrations and organizations on the yacht, laser shows, dinners with or without dinner, and even live music can be requested. you can. If you want, you can choose your favorite music tracks and request professional video and/or photo shoots.

Yacht captain's logbook
While you are on the Bosphorus tour, our captain will write in the logbook as follows; “Today, our guests completed a happy and peaceful Bosphorus tour. Previously seen but unknown places of Istanbul were discovered. Standing upright for centuries with its historical texture, Istanbul embraced our guests with love. They saw the historical mansions, the 15 July Martyrs' Bridge, the Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridge, and the Yavuz Sultan Selim bridge. They chose what they wanted from the delicious and delicious food menu we prepared for Bosphorus lovers. They left our yacht happily, happily and peacefully, to see you again soon.”

Bosphorus cruise on yacht with your loved ones
How would you like to have a pleasant, peaceful and safe Bosphorus tour with your family, friends, friends, in short, with your loved ones?

While you tour the Bosphorus, we fulfill your dreams!

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, since we organize all Bosphorus tour organizations specifically for groups, there is no individual participation in the tours from outside.
If there is a request from the guests, we can also serve breakfast, cocktail and food menu with rich and high quality content during the Bosphorus tour, when extra payment is made on top of the yacht charter fee.
The minimum rental period for the Bosphorus tour is 2 hours, those who want to take a Bosphorus tour for less than 2 hours will still pay the 2-hour yacht charter fee. A minimum of 4 hours is needed for a full tour.
Of course, if there is a request from the guests, we can include professional guides who translate English, German, Russian, Italian, French and Arabic into the Bosphorus tour organizations on the yacht for an extra fee.
The most suitable yacht Bosphorus tour price you need to pay for a 4-hour yacht fasil, alcoholic food menu for 2 people, table decoration, chapter crew and professional photographer is 28.500 TL. You can see the fees of the services we offer on the yacht for Bosphorus tour organizations on the prices page, or you can create your Bosphorus tour package on the yacht by using the price calculation tool at
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