Fasil on the Yacht

Fasil on the Yacht

İstanbul's Bosphorus becomes even more enchanting with an evening fasil (traditional Turkish music) entertainment on a yacht.
This is a different fasil
If you are tired of typical indoor venues and seeking a fresh and unique experience, our yacht fasil entertainment is the perfect choice for you.

Live music has become an essential part of entertainment venues, and our professional fasil band is here to create a delightful and enjoyable atmosphere for you.

With the Marmara Sea's gentle waves beneath you, the cool breeze of the Bosphorus, and the twinkle of the stars, this fasil experience transcends into a truly magical event.

I await you on the shores of the islands
Letting the music carry you away, you can immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies of the violin.

Everything is tailored to your preferences
Our fasil band will play the songs you love, accompany you as you sing along, and turn your whispers into beautiful melodies

Throughout the fasil, the violinist, musicians, and vocalists will focus solely on you and your guests, making this experience truly exclusive and special.

Let your dreams flow with the melodies
You have the option to decorate the interior and exterior of the yacht according to your desires, or you can leave the decoration in our hands. While you enjoy the fasil on the yacht, we can arrange additional features such as an oriental show, laser and fireworks display, and professional video and photography services.

The yacht fasil entertainment is exclusively for private groups, and no external participants are allowed. This ensures you and your guests can fully immerse yourselves in the joyous atmosphere and have an unforgettable evening.

We are committed to providing you with the best and highest quality service without compromising on any aspect of our events and activities. Simply give us a call, and we will take care of the rest so you can enjoy every moment of your special occasion.

Take advantage of our hourly yacht charter service to plan this unique and captivating yacht fasil entertainment. Let the melodies carry you away on a memorable journey through the beauty of the Bosphorus!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The professional fasil team consisting of 3 people includes qanun, clarinet, bağlama or darbuka artists. If there is a request from our guests, we can add or remove from the fasil team on the yacht.
Yes, the musicians will accompany you with their slow and moving songs during the fasil organization on the yacht. Once in a while, when they rest to take a breather, the yacht's sound system will be activated.
You can increase the dose of entertainment by including the fasil team in all organizations such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, graduations, business dinners, weddings, engagements, bachelorettes, dinners and so on.
Yes.. We do not create any obstacles for our guests who want the fasil team they want to accompany them on the yacht. There is no need to pay an extra fee to our company for this.
The fasil price is 37.000 TL on the most suitable yacht for a 4-hour yacht charter, an alcoholic food menu for 6 people, a chapter crew and an oriental show. If there is a request for a flower arrangement, 1,000 TL is paid, 500 TL is paid to decorate the table with candles and rose petals, and an extra 2,000 TL is paid if the interior and exterior parts of the yacht are decorated with balloons. You can look at all of the services we offer on the yacht and their fees on the prices page, or if you want to quickly prepare your own chapter package on the yacht by marking the services you request, you can use the price calculation tool on the yatkiralama.net/en page.
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