Engagement on the Yacht

Engagement on the Yacht

It is the right address for engagement organizations that bring loving hearts closer together.
Special for couples who have promised each other for future
Eyes that look with love, hearts that have found soul mates for each other, and yacht engagement organizations for couples who have promised each other are just one of the private yacht charter organizations of the yatkiralama.net concept.

Try to take your first steps on the road to marriage on the sea. If you wish, you need to make a reservation in advance for our engagement organizations on the yacht in order to catch the spirit of this time for the engagement ceremony to be held among the family or with your friends and loved ones.

Your rings and your yacht are ready
Families agreed, the day was taken, engagement rings were packed… Doesn't everything seem familiar and normal to you too? Then all that needs to be done is to call yatkiralama.net and get information about the activities and events for an extraordinary organization, for a wonderful night.

If you wish, you can request a wonderful night with or without food, with or without drinking, with decorations on and off the yacht, with hosts or hostesses to welcome the guests, accompanied by live music or listening to your favorite music using the sound system, or you can request a laser show, volcano show and a wonderful night against the cool wind of the Bosphorus.

While carrying out our Engagement organization; In the Bosphorus, which connects two continents, you will both have a visual feast and present unforgettable moments to your guests.

Our yachts are ready for you for 4 seasons, 12 months, 365 days. Just take your word, yacht charter service is our job.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Since it is possible to host up to 36 people with dinner and cocktail arrangements during engagement ceremonies on the yacht, you should determine the number of guests you will invite to your engagement ceremony according to this figure.
You can have the engagement cake made outside as you wish and serve it on the yacht, or you have the opportunity to order an engagement cake with the features you want to our company.
You can get the food service from our company, or you have the freedom to work with a catering company of your choice for food and beverage organization on the yacht.
You can get the decoration of the indoor and outdoor spaces with the table on the yacht in accordance with the engagement ceremony from our company by paying an additional fee, or you can do or organize it yourself without damaging the yacht.
During the engagement organization on the yacht, you can get support from our company for professional people to take photos and video recordings, or you can work with the people you want by bringing them to the yacht.
The engagement price is 37.500 TL on the most suitable yacht for a 4-hour yacht charter, non-alcoholic meal menu for 10 people, table decoration, flower arrangement, balloon decoration, fasil crew and photographer. If local alcoholic beverages are added to the menu as 3 glasses, the new figure is 47,500 TL. We have shared in detail the fee of the services we offer on the yacht specifically for engagement organizations on the prices page. If you want to quickly prepare your own yacht engagement package on our site and get a price quote, you can use the price calculation tool on the yatkiralama.net/en page.
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