Swimming Tour on the Yacht

Swimming Tour on the Yacht

Daily swimming tour organizations with a journey from hot asphalt to cool waters promise you that beautiful day you are looking for.
The perfect time to cool off
The hot weather, a scorching sun and the cool waters of the Marmara Sea… Thanks to the swimming tour we have organized for you on the yacht; You will enjoy swimming, cooling off and pleasant moments in the open sea…

We have difficulty in expressing in words what it means to swim around the immaculate, sparkling Bosphorus or Princes' Islands. Which sentence or which word can describe the pleasure of swimming in the Bosphorus and swimming in the Bays of Adalar with pleasure. Maybe we can't paint the picture of happiness, but we can bring it to you with our yachts anchored in the Bosphorus.

The journey begins
On this journey you embark on a swimming tour on the yacht you have rented; First the seagulls greet you. Then the movement begins, the wind caresses your face in the face of the unique beauty of the throat; as if trying to alleviate the scorching heat of the sun.

All our expert personnel in our charter yachts; They are ready for your service and when you arrive at the place you request, it is up to you to enjoy the day…

We are working to make you and your loved ones experience unforgettable moments with swimming tour organizations that we organize with or without meals, with or without alcohol on board.

The daily swimming tour we organize in the Bosphorus and Adalar bays is not accepted by anyone other than individuals and groups. This will allow you to swim comfortably, peacefully and safely.

While you are swimming, we have already started to organize brand new swimming tours for you.

Because we are Bogaz Cocugu..

We are waiting for you on the luxury yacht for a daily swimming tour in the Adalar and the Bosphorus.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The swimming tour starts at 10:00 in the morning or at 09:00 if requested and lasts for a total of 8 or 9 hours until 18:00 in the evening. Since the evening tours start from 19:00, the yacht must be left at 18:00 at the latest.
We take those who want to swim in the Bosphorus to Kecilik, Fil Burnu and Buyuk Liman bays on the Poyrazkoy side on the Black Sea coast, and those who want to swim in the Islands to Buyuk Ada, Cam Bay or Kasik Island.
In general, we prefer the calmest and clean places and spend all the time there, but we can anchor in more than one bay if guests wish.
If there is a demand, we can serve breakfast by taking an additional payment on top of the yacht charter, but you can bring lunch yourself or get off at the place where you go for swimming and eat at the restaurant.
No, whether the swimming tour of the Islands or the Bosphorus is done on weekdays or weekends, there is no change in the daily charter fees of the yacht you choose.
The most suitable yacht swimming tour price for an 8-hour yacht charter and a breakfast menu for 10 people is 47,500 TL. Alcoholic beverages are not included in the menus during swimming tours, and sales are made per glass. You can access the list of services offered for swimming tour organizations and the fees we request on the prices page, or if you want to prepare your own yacht swimming tour package online on the site, you can use the price calculation tool on the yatkiralama.net/en page.
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