Business Lunch on the Yacht

Business Lunch on the Yacht

Experience the pinnacle of mental stimulation and attainable dreams with our unparalleled service.
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At, we specialize in organizing exquisite business dinner events on luxurious yachts. Our dedicated R&D units work tirelessly to develop unique concepts that enhance the prestige of your company, whether you're hosting your employees or esteemed guests.

Imagine taking charge of an extraordinary business dinner, surrounded by the captivating and breathtaking beauty of the Bosphorus.

Our yacht-based business dinner concepts offer an unparalleled opportunity to impress your guests. With our comprehensive range of options, tailored to your needs and supported by our extensive resources, hosting a remarkable business dinner has never been easier.

Exceptional service and uncompromising perfection are at the core of our values
Our meticulously crafted menus, professional table presentations, and graceful wait staff ensure an unforgettable experience during your business lunch on the yacht. Whether you prefer an alcohol-free gathering or a more relaxed atmosphere, our team is ready to cater to your every need.

Customization is key to us, and you have the freedom to charter any of our yachts to align with your specific requirements. From state-of-the-art barcovision presentations to professional videography and photography services, you can curate a seamless event that reflects your vision.

The arrangement of your tables can be tailored to perfection, ensuring a flawless environment for motivation-boosting business lunches, dealer meetings, and company dinners, all within the parameters of your budget and guest count., our esteemed yacht charter brand, boasts a team of experienced professionals who excel in creating captivating events and activities for your envisioned business lunch on the yacht. Rest assured, you have come to the right place at the right time.

Welcome to the yacht charter center, where your aspirations for an extraordinary business dinner become a reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course.. The quiet environment required for you to plan an efficient business dinner and meeting organization on the yacht is meticulously provided by us.
Since there is no cooking opportunity on the yacht, we take the lunch and dinner menus ready from the Ziya Şark Sofrası restaurant in Beylerbeyi and serve them hot in business dinner organizations.
The business lunch menu on the yacht includes 6 kinds of cold appetizers, main course (fish or mixed grill), salad, mixed seasonal fruits and soft drinks.
According to the request of the guests, a business dinner on the yacht and a Bosphorus tour can be made during the meeting, or after a short trip, you can anchor in a quiet place that does not receive waves, and after eating, the meeting can be started.
The price of a 4-hour yacht charter, a non-alcoholic meal menu for 10 people and a business lunch on the most suitable yacht for the fasil crew is 31,000 TL. If local alcoholic beverages are included in the menu as 3 glasses, the new figure is 41,000 TL. You can see all the services and fees we offer on the yacht in detail on the prices page, and if you want to get a price quote by quickly preparing a business dinner package on the yacht in line with your own wishes, you can go to
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